Cybersuite X Announces Partnership with Latch

"We are excited to expand the collaboration with the Latch team"

Cybersuite X Announces Partnership with Latch

Latch, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTCH), maker of LatchOS, the full-building enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, today announced a new partnership with CybersuiteX, a software and hardware suite of security and resident lifestyle solutions. The partnership with CybersuiteX is extending the collaboration between Latch and the Hardware Automation Distributors, Inc. (HAD), Latch’s exclusive Canadian partner, and it’s parent company The Automated Group (TAG). The powerful combination of the Latch Building Management solutions and CybersuiteX, extends the convenience of Latch to more residents, property managers, and guests, and helps accelerate Latch’s growth across Canada. 

“CybersuiteX encompasses all facets of resident and concierge interaction, access control and in-suite automation, to create a streamlined platform simplifying the resident’s condominium experience.” said Remo D'Angelo, TAG Founder and CEO. “Cybersuite’s products have been adopted in over 100,000 suites and over 250 buildings across the Greater Toronto Area alone, providing a unique opportunity for Latch and TAG to expand their respective markets in Canada.”

The combined offerings of The Automated Group, CybersuiteX and Latch are expected to provide unique access-based lifestyle offerings in Latch’s growing ecosystem of integrated devices, software, and services. 

Initial offerings are focused on: 

  • Transforming condominiums into Smart Buildings: The CybersuiteX integrated solution combined with LatchOS Full building management suite, provides hardware and software solutions that transform traditional buildings into smart buildings through security, access control and resident services. 
  • Expanding Resident services support: In response to growing customer demand for new in-building services, the CybersuiteX app allows a building operator to deliver a variety of services from Valet parking, through common space scheduling to amenities and leak detection 
  • Driving geographic expansion: HAD and Latch launched an integrated, app that is being deployed in existing and new-construction Condominiums and Multi-Family projects across the USA and Canada.

"We are excited to expand the collaboration with the Latch team," said Tony Guarini, COO of Guardtek Systems, a leading TAG brand. "By combining our industry-leading, Resident experience platform and security hardware with the power of LatchOS, we can provide a more robust, fluid user experience and enable our customers' end users to take advantage of the full extent of Latch’s software from street to suite or into their office"

“At Pemberton, partnering with innovative, reputable brands is important to us. Both Latch and CybersuiteX help elevate not only our brand, but our customers living experience by providing unique systems designed for ultimate convenience and safety.” Said Marc Muzzo, President of Pemberton Group. 

More information on Latch’s partner program can be found here:

Information on The Automated Group and CybersuiteX can be found here

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