Our Modules

CybersuiteX is a MDU lifestyle product. The CybersuiteX platform is meant to touch on the everyday needs of residents and property management. Populate and control building services.

Community Modules

Replace dated building-wide communication platforms with our modern CybersuiteX community module offering.

Messaging & Alerts

Communication made easy. Resident’s now have direct messaging at their finger tips. Property management & concierge have never been more accessible. Stay up to date with what’s happening within your building via the CybersuiteX alert board.

Parcel Management

Package management simplified. CybersuiteX provides buildings with a tool to management incoming packages efficiently. Property Managers can chose between scanning packages into a secure location or using a parcel locker system. Residents have visibility to what parcels need to be picked up and what they’ve picked up in the past.


Residents can easily view amenity information as well as book amenities from a singular platform.


Track and manage your bookings. View amenity reservations, booked services and maintenance appointments.

Maintenance Requests

Using the Maintenance Request module allows residents to quickly reach out to property management with issues. Residents are able to see the status of an issue and even be notified once an issue has been resolved.


Get your 7-day weather outlook and make plans accordingly.

Building-Wide Modules

CybersuiteX community modules covers a buildings necessities. CybersuiteX building-wide modules offers buildings a series of base-building hardware integrations.

Access Control

CybersuiteX approved devices work for every door in any building, from the lobby vestibule, to base building readers, to your suite door. Whether unlocking with the App, doorcode, keycard, or Apple watch, CybersuiteX devices make it easier than ever before to let all the right people in.

Security & CCTV

Property manager now have the ability to view and manage Cybersuite alarm keypad, check access logs and view live base-building camera feeds from anywhere in the world.


Your car is a click away. Resident’s now have the ability to request their vehicle at any time. Valet attendants now have an easy to use tool to manage valet requests while also providing output requests to car stacking systems.

Leak Detection

Protect your suite from water related risk. Hardware, software and services to create multi-family water management solutions. Resident's receive app notification when a leak has been detected, and redundant notifications sent out to property management & TAG's 24/7 ULC monitoring station.

Visitor Parking

Book, manage and check on your building’s visitor parking. Receive real-time data on the best and worst times to park.


Provide direct access to base-building retail or local service providers. Residents can book and pay for services or goods from the app.

In-Suite Modules

Give residents the opportunity to take control of their suite.

Home Automation

Take control of your home. Control Audio, Temperature, Lighting and Shades from one central digital controller. Also, create custom scenes that can be scheduled to enjoy your space, your way.


Keep track and improve your health. Outfit your suite with wellness related hardware. Keep track of your activity levels, sleep quality, air quality and water purity. Resident's can select health related scenes to improve overall wellbeing and access virtual fitness / wellness content.